Persuasion: Power of Money

It has been said, and proven, that the root of all evil is the love of money. The Bible even tells us this in 1 Timothy. People can get so wrapped up in what money can do for them that they forget about what good they can do with money. That is not all the money has an impact on.

Money has tremendous power for persuasion. Throw some money at something and people will do just about anything. Money can convince people to take jobs they don’t make them happy and so much more.

Money has the ability to get people to do things they wouldn’t really even consider doing in the first place. Prime example, flu shots. Target released an ad a few months ago that would gift someone a $5 gift card for getting the no-cost flu shot at their store. That is not all, Publix offered a $10 gift card and CVS will give you a $5 gift card with a chance to win $25.

This is outstanding marketing. The corporations know that if you throw money in someone’s face, they will come running. Now, the flu shot becomes a marketing game of who can offer the larger gift cards to get people in their stores. If we were to pull the statistics, it may show that the one offering the largest reward would be the one that provided the most shots.

It is not only happening with flu shots, but it also happens with everything. Banks offer ‘free’ money for signing up for a checking account. Car dealers offer huge discounts to get you on their lot and purchase a car. The power of persuasion through money is everywhere.

So, why is this? Why is it that money can control and manipulate the decision process of so many people?

What is the local church was to put a marquee on their sign that said, “Join us for worship and receive a $5 gift card… No strings attached.”? Do you think that you would have more people than usual show up at the congregation ready to get their gift card?

People do not realize that there is something that is offered at every Biblical sound congregation that is worth so much more than money. Money can’t even buy this. What is sad is that even if churches advertised it on their marquee, people would probably not care to show up.

If you drove by a congregation that said, “Join us for worship and receive a gift worth more than money”, would you think about stopping by? People who do not know Christ may not stop because the gift isn’t laid out in plain details for them. Honestly, the reality of it is that people who do know about the church would keep on driving by because they would have an idea of what the sign is talking about.

More than likely they would be correct. People know that if you live for Christ, and live like He has commanded, you will receive the gift of eternal life (Romans 6:23). There is not a gift in the world that will equal the value of God’s gift of eternal life with Him.

Don’t you think it is time that we, Christians, start showing excitement for the gift that God will give us?

If you were to receive a gift card for an astonishing amount of money, would you let people know that you were excited to win?

Let’s us start showing the power of Christ and the joy that we have to live for him in our everyday life. People will see something different in us and will want to know what we are doing that makes us joyful.

Be an example that will show people our love for Him.

God is Good.

Romans 6:23: For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.


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