What’s in your cart?

It is time to head to the grocery store. For some people, going to buy groceries can be a fun trip and for others, especially those with little kids, it can be a disaster! When we go to Kroger, our kids LOVE getting the little carts and pushing them around, filling their own cart with food, and then checking out at the self-checkout lines. 

What is the first thing you have to do before you go to the grocery store? First, you have to get your list together. You have to know what you are going to put in your cart. Some people don’t worry about a list and just wing it. When you get to store, you start going up and down aisles. You see things you want, you put them in your cart. What goes in that cart determines what you eat that week. 

Also, what we throw in the cart can determine our health. If we walk up and down aisles throwing junk food in the cart, we will be eating unhealthy and could cause us to gain weight or even have health problems down the road. If our carts are loaded down with all junk, how can we expect our health to stay where it needs to be to live a long life?

If we were to take our time and pick out the healthy foods at the grocery store, we would have a better chance of living a longer life. For a lot of people, the grocery store gets to be overwhelming and although they have goals to get healthy food, they become stressed about the food and then hurry through the store just to finish. They get home and realize their cart wasn’t as healthy as they wanted it to be.  

In our Christian life, it works the same way. We are a cart that is waiting to be filled. What do we fill our cart with? If we go through life just winging it day by day, more than likely we will be filled with negative, unhealthy, things which can lead us down the wrong path. 

If we take our time and plan out what we are going to put in our Christian carts, we will have a better understanding of Christ and what He wants us to be like. Filling our life with healthy friends, healthy activities, and other healthy items will not only make us happier but will lead us down the road that ends with eternal life. 

Lastly, it is important for us to teach our kids what they need to put into their carts as well. They need to know that if they eat healthily, they will feel better and live a longer life. If they place Godly people in their life, they will also live happier and have the opportunity to live with Him forever. 

This morning, as you start you Wednesday workday, think about what you have in your Christian cart. Is it filled with junk food? Do you have some junk food and some healthy foods? Do you need to dump your cart and start over? The time to start working on your Christian life is now. God is waiting for you. He can clean your cart and help you get back on the right track. 

If you need encouragement, we would love to pray for you and with you. There is a large group of brothers and sisters in Christ who will help guide your way and make your grocery list with you.  

God is Good!!


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