Priorities: Homework > Bible

Where are our priorities? Where are they when it comes to what matters most in life? 

We all know that school is important in our life. It doesn’t matter if it is homeschool, public school, or a private school. School is something that we had to do and our kids have to do. There is no getting out of it. 

Kids everywhere go off to school each day. They spend close to eight hours a day away from their families being taught the essentials of what they need to know if life. Some would have to admit that they don’t learn enough while others say they learn stuff that they will never use in life. We all can think back at things that we have learned that we have never even brought up in conversation since the day we learned it. 

These kids go to school, spend time away from their family, and then they come home hours later. They don’t just come home and get to spend quality time with family; they spend it doing hours of homework. Yes, there are some nights that they may not have any but most nights kids have a good amount. 

Now, redirecting the topic a little. This is not an article about how much homework schools give but an article on the priorities that we have, as parents.  

When our kids come home, we rush them to get their homework. They sit at the table for an hour, two, maybe three depending on the grades they are in. For those hours, we are completely focused on them doing their work and getting it right. Why? Because we want them to have good grades. Its a requirement to have good grades to pass and we want our kids to pass. Sometimes we even have to teach ourselves how to do their homework so we can help them when they need it the most. 

Where are our priorities? How come we elevate school work above over things? In reference to our Christian walk and drive for life with Christ, how come we place homework above devotionals? We sit in a house five days a week doing homework for hours. We go out of our way to make sure it is done but yet we don’t spend but 20 minutes on a Bible story with our kids. Does that make sense at all to you? 

We, as parents, especially Christian parents, should be placing our Bible time above everything else. Yes, homework matters but in reality, it doesn’t matter what grade you get in school if you fail at planting the seed of Christ in your children. 

Sunday morning, we attend church services and then again on Sunday night. During the week, we meet on Wednesday nights and have a short Bible study. How much time in between Sundays do we focus on the Bible? It is sad to say but one could bet the answer is far less than that of what we focus on homework. Shouldn’t it be the opposite? 

What really matters: Eternal life with Christ or making the honor roll? Don’t take this as an invitation to skip out on homework because it is important in life and the kids need to do it to pass. Homework will not get your child to Heaven. There is only one way to get your child to Heaven and that is through the Bible. 

 Now, as parents, let’s shift the focus. Let’s get our kids the knowledge they need to be successful Christians. Let’s instill in them Christ-like characteristics. Each night, we need to spend quality time with our kids in the Word. Don’t rush through a devotional but spend time and help them understand, just as we do with their homework. Show them that Christ comes first. 

God is Good. 

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