Saturday Pancakes

Saturday mornings are pancake mornings for our family. We wake up each Saturday morning and cook pancakes for anyone that is over. This morning, Ashley is cooking silver dollar pancakes for the kids. Ady Kate loves regular pancakes with strawberries on them. Jayden’s favorite is pancakes with maple syrup all over them while Jaksen only goes for chocolate chip pancakes with nothing else. They all have the way they love their pancakes. 

The entire process of cooking pancakes can be a messy process but the outcome is a great delicious taste that pleases all of them. The kids love them and always want more. 

Our lives work the same way. We often times get ourselves into situations that can cause a lot more mess than we had initially wanted. Sometimes, we know that the situation will make things worse, at first, but we end up having to deal with it anyways. 

Most of the time, in these situations that we have to handle, the outcome comes out much more pleasant than expected. The initial process can be troublesome but the end result is happiness from others.

Sometimes these situations can cause a mess with Christ as well. We sin daily. These sins can cause our relationship with God to become a little messy. One thing about God is that he will forgive us, he will comfort us, and he will make us happy again. He has the power to clean up any sticky situation in our life and clean any messy situation we have with Him as well. The end result; happiness. 

If you are struggling in a something in your life, remember to reach out to God. He will comfort you and help you get back on the right track! If you need friends to help you, we can help you as well. Just reach out and let someone know, let us know, and mainly let God know. 

God is Good!

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