Our Kids are Leaving the Church!

Fox 17 out of Nashville released a Nashville based study yesterday about young people. The survey was completed by LifeWay Research Group. The study was completed on a group of 2,000 millennials (ages 23 – 30) who attended church during high school. The study revealed that 2 out of 3 young people are leaving the church by the time they go to college.

This is a disturbing stat to me. Ninety-six percent of the students said that they left the church because they moved and other responsibilities prevented them from attending church services. In other words, they do not have Christ as their main priority.

So what causes the kids to leave the church by the time they are in college?

I’m going to blame it on the adults, not the kids.

For the past few decades, adults have been taking Christ out of everything. Think about it for a minute. When I was in school, we still were allowed to pray. Sometimes prayers were even led over the intercom. When we were in school, we had Christmas parties, not holiday parties. When we were in school, if you had a Bible in class; no one thought anything about it.

Fast forward twenty years, in the public school setting, kids get sent home for praying. Kids get publically bullied for mentioning Christ in their school. Kids today, get punished for not agreeing with the sin of homosexuality that the world has tried to transform into the norm. There are no Christmas parties anymore. God has been kicked out of our public schools and it is the adults’ fault.

We are taking away Christ in everything. You are wondering how it can be our fault if we aren’t the ones pushing for the change? We have been taking Christ out of our kids’ public life for so long that they are the ones voting now. They are the ones putting liberalism in the offices to take away their right for religious rights.

These kids go through their school years now with Christ not being the priority in their life. Now that they are transitioning into the college ages, they don’t change. The put everything ahead of Christ because that is what they have been doing in school.

So what needs to happen? Just like the millennial generation changed, we need to work on changing the next generation. We need to instill in our children that God is always number one in their life. We need to make sure they stay involved in church before anything else. We need to spend time with them, teaching them about Christ and His plan.

Parents and other adults, it is up to us. We have to work on changing our children so they can change the world. They need Christ to do this.

God is Good!

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