Placing them on a pedestal…

Do you find it interesting that when someone completes an act of heroism that they are instantly elevated to measures of popularity that they would have never imagined? 

For example, John Doe recently stopped a murder from occurring in a small town. The shooting that was taken place had the potential of negatively impacting, or perhaps killing, dozens of people. From the moment of this act of heroism, John Doe has been the most popular person in the country. Immediately, talk shows have requested bookings, companies have asked him to come to speak at their events, and hundreds of other public appearances have already been scheduled to take place. 

Don’t read this the wrong way. I am not saying that they should not be recognized for their actions. I too believe that there should be more people like them in the world that would risk their life for others. I am strictly speaking of how we, as a country and humans, put these people on a pedestal above all else. 

It is the same way with athletes. During the younger years of my life, Michael Jordan was always placed above everyone else. Lebron James is now in those shoes as well as Tom Brady and more. These people have the ability to persuade the country into believing whatever they stay.  Why? It is because we place them at levels well above anyone else.

They become idols. Their every word is worshiped and praised by others. 

Why is it that we can place these humans, who are no better than any other human, above everyone and everything else? How can we say that what these people do and say are what we should do and believe? 

We have placed these earthly figures above our Father. Our God has done more for us than any one of these celebrities, athletes, and earthly heroes have ever done but we still place them above Him. Why? 

When something special happens in our life, we should be blowing social media up, calling our friends, and spreading the news of how God has blessed us. Like we do when our favorite team wins the championship; we should be boasting of what Christ has done for us. 

Today, I challenge you to look beyond the earthly figure. Place Christ at the top of your pedestal. God is constantly doing things for you. You woke up this morning because of Him. You got dressed this morning because of Him. You drove your car to work this morning because of Him. Everything is because of Him. Show people what God has done for you. 

God is Good


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