Do you ever miss being at home? 

One of the most difficult times of a person’s life is when they leave to go off to college. They are at home one day, living with their parents, and the next day they are in another town living on their own. Responsibility has snuck up on them and now they are in control of their own life. Decisions that they never have had to make are now in their hands to make. Many of these young adults believe that they are finally free and can simply live as they have always wanted to live. 

When people experience this, they want to get back to how things were as soon as possible. For those who have no choice, they must learn to adapt to their new ways and find the positives in their situation. 

What about when a Christian leaves the church? Do they get homesick? 

From personal experience, when I went off to college, I was the one that had the freedom attached to my new life. I went from a Christian that attended services each time the doors were opened to a college student who attended maybe once a month. I recently found out, at Lads 2 Leaders, that the school I went to has a very active church of Christ student union. The church in the town was active and I never once stepped foot in it.

At first, I felt guilt from skipping services. Yes, I skipped. I had the choice to go and I chose not to. There were times I felt homesick to get back into church but the world took over and won the battle. 

After college, I met a young lady who loved God and still loves God. We were dating and attending church services again. We got married and kept attending church faithfully. I was finally over the homesick feeling of not attending and being involved with Christ. 

Today, I am still homesick. As Christians, we all should be homesick. Like the hymn says, this world is not our home, we are just passing through. The world around us is corroding and it makes us homesick for our enteral home in heaven with Christ. We should all want to go home. We should all be homesick for our real home. 

If you are like I was and lost the desire to attend church but know that you should be, it is not too late to get back in and get involved. Whatever sin you are living in can be forgiven by Christ. Being homesick is not a bad thing when you are homesick for Heaven. There is only one way to get home and that is to repent of your sins and get your life back right with Christ. 

I’m not sure who all reads this but if you need any help, let us pray for you. Message me. Let us help you. If you are struggling with an addiction of any sort, please let me help you. I beg you to let me help you. If I can’t help, I will find the person who can help. 

God is Good. 

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