Making the best of every situation

Last night, we decided to relax and enjoy a night with our kids. We had no plans so we kicked back and had fun. We started the night with a game of Uno. During the game, we were talking about classic Disney movies. That conversation led to us watching Mary Poppins!

We thought this would be a fun entertaining night of watching a classic movie that we loved growing up. Well, apparently our kids had a different idea. All three of them were out before the movie was near the halfway point. They did not find it as entertaining as we once did.

Mary Poppins can teach us a lot about life. She was always positive and enthusiastic. When the kids did not want to clean their nursery, she made it fun by turning it into a game. Too bad, we can’t all snap and clean up our house as quick as she can! In almost every situation, she knew how to handle it without producing any negative outcomes. Her attitude flowed down to those around her causing them to be happy as well.

Our attitudes are contagious to those who are around us. Think about it for a second. Who would you rather be around? A group of people who are spreading joy and helping others or a group of people who are gossiping and putting down others. I would hope that you would choose the positive people.

Colossians 3:23 tells us to do whatever we do, do it heartily, as to the Lord not to men. We are to do things with enthusiasm. Two of my favorite men growing up, Mr. Chuck Walden and Mr. Larry Bennett, taught our class on Sunday mornings. We learned a lot but at the beginning of each class they would stand up and shout “To be enthusiastic, we have to show enthusiasm”.

That phrase has stuck with me for a long time but most of the times I do not think to do things with enthusiasm like I am doing it for the Lord.

We can be the difference makers in the world. Happiness and joy are contagious. They can spread faster than the stomach bug.

Today, while we are out and about, let’s remember to be Christ-like. Let’s be enthusiastic. Take time to smile. God has blessed us with so many things to be happy with. Let our light shine. If we show our love for Him and are enthusiastic about it, others will notice and our happiness will spread to others.

God is Good!

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