Rest Your Soul

It’s time to get your health in the right place. You know that you have gained a few pounds over the past few years and with your age increasing you have to get your health and weight under control soon.

You woke up this morning, tried on your jeans and they were just a little too tight. Matter of fact, little wasn’t even the word to describe it. So, you pull your jeans up, leave them unbuttoned and put a belt on so no one would notice that they were not secured.

The first place you stop is the computer. It’s time to get a diet program started in your house. You research for the next few hours on the best program possible to get your body back to where it needs to be. Clean eating is now introduced to you so you get busy making meal plans.

On top of the meal plans, you realize that you need to start working out too. You live in an area that has a robust amount of places to go work out. So, just like the diet program, you get on the internet and research the best workout places in your area. Your next stop is facebook to see who all have had the best experiences with each. You have made your decision and you are ready to start working out daily.

Next, your skin… The wrinkles you have developed over the past few years have really started to show. You decide it is time to invest in good skin care to make your skin look good again.

Now that you have your goals to lose weight and look younger, you start planning a summer trip to the beach so you can enjoy your new healthy lifestyle.

You feel great and you are ready to conquer the world just as you did in your younger years.

Guess what?

Did you know that you can eat healthily, workout daily, apply every skin care possible, and travel as much as you can and it really does not matter at all if you don’t have Jesus in your life.

If you don’t rest your soul in Christ, you will never truly be as happy as you can be. If we let God take control of our soul, during life storms and other types of events that cause strife, we will know that God is on our side. With everything that changes in our life, God will remain faithful to us. He will continue to guide us.

Faith in Christ is not something that we can go to a gym and build up while we work out. Faith in Him is not something that our body produces because we eat better. Our faith and love for Christ is not something that we can apply to our skin and it helps us look more like Christian.

When we give our lives to Christ and rest our souls in his care, we will have much greater happiness than any diet program or workout program could ever give us. There is nothing on this earth that can promise you eternal happiness, with no tears, no pain, and no sorry. There is only one source for this and that is through Christ.

Is your life resting in the Lord? Do you need help with getting your life back on the right track to real happiness; happiness that will never end?  We would love to have you come to be a part of our family that loves Jesus and want to spend eternity with Him.

God is Good

Psalm 62 “Truly my soul silently waits for God; From Him comes my salvation. He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be greatly moved.


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