Know The Truth

Every day we see so many different events happen in our life. Anyone can turn on the news and see multiple different news stories that happened on that day. 

Social media is another news source where you can simply scroll through your news feed and see hundreds of different stories that people have shared. People read the captions, think that it is interesting, and then share it to all of their friends. 

Everyday communication with people contributes to another way that news is spread across the world. People go to WalMart and hear someone talking in the checkout line about something they find interesting. That person then helps transport the news by telling their friends. The news travels quickly. 

What is sad is that most of the time when people hear these stories, they don’t hear the whole story. They hear one side, believe one side, and that is their story and they are sticking to it. 

They never once go back and try to find out all of the details that actually happened. Sometimes people even get frustrated with others before they know the entire truth. In today’s culture, the communication line to vent is easy to access through FaceBook and email. 

News spreads quickly but its important that we know the truth, the entire truth, before we jump to conclusions and in turn make our own selves look bad. 

There is a source that you will never have to question if it is true or not. No, it’s not CNN, Fox News, or any other mass media outlet. It is not your Facebook timeline. It is the Bible. The Bible is the only book written that is guaranteed to be the truth. No one has to question the things you read in the Bible. The words are inspired by Christ. 

Isn’t it amazing that the Bible is the only book ever written that is approved by God himself? No matter what people say that the Bible may or may not say, we have the ability to go back directly to the Bible and get the answer ourselves. 

  • Is homosexuality wrong? 
  • Is alcohol sinful?
  • Do we have to be baptized?

These answers and thousands more are laid out in the Bible. We don’t have to rely on a friend, random stranger, or a preacher telling us what is right or wrong. All we have to do is go directly to The Word. 

When you hear a news story, a rumor of something that happened at work or school, or any other type of information that you may question, what do you usually do? You typically would go directly to the source to find out if what you heard is accurate. 

We need to do the same when we hear things that may impact our faith. Open up the Bible, study It so you will know if what you heard is accurate. If you still have any misunderstanding, reach out to someone who you trust that would guide you to the right answer. God’s Word is the only word. 

If you are struggling with your faith, struggling with knowing what may be right or wrong, struggling with anything that has caused you to put Christ second in your life; please dig deep into God’s word. The Bible has many examples of how people have overcome adversities and lived a great life. We all can never stop learning what the scriptures mean. Continue to worship, attend Bible studies, and put yourself in good company.

God is an amazing God that will forgive you if you repent and get your life back on the narrow path to Heaven. 

God is Good


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