Sinners are priority…

Everywhere you go around Nashville, and other towns, you see signs promoting different types of activities. A lot of these are fun activities that you can enjoy with the family, concerts, and other events. Then you have the signs all over town that promote sinful activities. 

Just looking around the downtown area, you notice that there are signs promoting happy hour at almost every restaurant. There are marquees that show specials at bars all across Broadway. There are even signs that promote the gentlemen’s clubs around town and the deals you get if you come in. 

We live in a world that caters to the sinner. We live in a world that caters to bringing people to sin even if they are not planning on it. 

The experiences go beyond just signs but into restaurants as well. Have you ever noticed if you received less than average services at a restaurant from the waiter or waitress if you did not order alcohol? 

Just recently, we visited a restaurant in Spring Hill that we do not go to very much. We arrived at the restaurant and to our surprise, we did not wait that long. We sat down. This is when the wait started. We got sat down at the same time as three other tables in our server’s section. The server came around to the other two tables and got their drink orders. He proceeded to get their drinks, which had to come from the bar. He brought them and then took their order. About ten minutes later, he came back to refill their drinks. At this time, he has not greeted us at all. The manager did come by and tell us he would be with us and she even took our drink order. About ten minutes pass, still no waiter, the manager comes back and gets our food order. This goes on for the entire process. He catered to the ones drinking and made sure all of their needs were filled before he introduced himself to ours after we got our food.  

The point of this story is that the waiter catered to the ones drinking alcohol because he knew that their bill would be higher. He knew that if they drank, there was a better opportunity for his tip to be higher. He catered directly to the sinner. 

Although businesses cater to the sinner, we could learn an important lesson from them as well.

Just to be clear, we are all sinners but the ones referenced are those who choose to live their life in sin. Choosing to go out and party to get drunk, choose to attend adult clubs even if they are married. 

Why don’t we as Christians make the sinners priority in our life as businesses do? Why don’t we go out of our way to bring sinners to Christ-like businesses do to get them in their door. In the US alone, alcohol companies spend an average of 2 BILLION a year! The pornography numbers are higher and more disheartening. What is sad is that both of these are found right outside our homes. 

These companies spend billions a year luring in sinners and non-sinners. How much money do we spend trying to get someone converted to Christ? When was the last time that Christians paid for advertisements to try to get people to come to Christ? If we do, their advertisements are so small that we don’t see them. 

It is time that we step up and make sinners a priority in our life. Find someone who is struggling with sin and work on them. Introduce them to a happier, more fulfilling lifestyle. God can give them more than they can get at a strip club. God can give them a better high than they can get at a bar. Christ can make everything better but these people need help. They need someone to show them the way. They need someone to make them a priority and show that they are loved. 

That’s our job right? Let’s do it. Christians, step up and let’s make those living in sin a priority in our life. Let’s take what the alcohol and pornography industries use and use it to our advantage. It will be too late one day but it’s not today. 

God is Good…

Sinners are priority…

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