Missing a meal…

Does it hurt to miss a meal? 

We all have those days that we are in a hurry and do not pack a lunch. Sometimes we have those type of days where we wake up, eat a good breakfast, and don’t eat the rest of the day. There are even days where we don’t feel like eating at all. 

Doctors suggest that we eat multiple times a day, preferably every few hours. Feeding your body small meals every few hours helps keep the body functioning properly. It is also important that we feed it with food that is good for our body. If we constantly feed it with junk food, we can gain a lot of weight and cause other parts of our body to not work as intended. We have to feed it with food that will help our body continue to develop and grow. 

What happens when we miss a meal?

When we miss a meal, we can start to get a sick feeling, loss of concentration, and many other negative side effects. Missing a meal causes us to feel even more hungry throughout the day. This type of feeling can lead to binge eating whatever is in sight to get the hunger feeling out of our system.  When this happens, our body is filled with the junk that doesn’t help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. Lastly, missing a meal can cause us to have extreme fatigue. When we don’t get fed, we get tired, lazy, and unmotived to do anything. It is hard to get back on track when you are tired. 

The same concept applies to our spiritual life. If we miss feeding our souls spiritually, we can suffer from the same symptoms as missing a meal. 

Christians should attend worship services, Bible studies, and other spiritual events to help our growth in God’s Kingdom. There are many that already do and live a very prosperous life. What happens when you decide that you want to skip a service? Purposely skipping one service may not make you feel too bad but then skipping one leads to skipping more and more and eventually you aren’t maintaining a healthy lifestyle to grow with Christ.  You become tired, lazy, and unmotivated and can be very tough to get back on the right path. 

Many churches have services on Sunday nights. These services are approved by the elders and therefore should be attended by the members.  Hebrews 13:17 tell us that we are to submit to the elders as they guide over our souls. It is important that we attend services so we are spiritually fed. Ephesians 6:16 also informs us that each member must work to build up the body. This happens to include all members and all worship services. How could we adequately build up ourselves spiritually if we are not attending? Have you ever seen a house being constructed without any builders present? It just doesn’t happen. 

You can’t get spiritually fed when missing the source that feeds you. 

We have always been taught that we should raise our children to be what God wants them to be (Ephesians 6:4). We all want our children to go to Heaven, spend eternity with Christ, and eternity with us if it is God’s will for all of us to be there. We forget that our kids look up to us and often times can turn out like us (Ezekiel 16:44). If we live a life where we are not working our hardest to be spiritually fed, skipping services, events, and other religious related events, how can we expect our children to be what God wants them to be? 

Missing a meal, whether an earthly meal or a spiritual meal, is harmful to our bodies and our lives. If you are missing your feedings, it is never too late to start regaining your appetite back. God provides the resources to live a healthy life and in the end, you could have everlasting life with Him. 

Quit missing meals.

God is Good. 


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