His Artwork!

Last night was a late night for our kids. Ady Kate celebrates her 8th birthday this coming Sunday. Yes, her birthday falls on the same day the Super Bowl is being played. Instead of waiting until Sunday to have a get together with her friends, she decided that she wanted to do it tonight. 

We have a very talented friend at church that hosts ‘painting parties’ on occasions. Ady wanted to have one of these type parties and invite some of her friends to paint with her. So, Ady and 9 of her friends met at our church building and painted snowmen. 

One of the best parts of the party was seeing the imagination of each one of these girls. They followed instructions on how to paint, what to paint, and when to paint. Although they did it all at the same time, there were not any two paintings the same. Each one of these girls painted their own masterpiece. They were all very happy with their end result. 

Everywhere we look, there is artwork. Houses, cars, buildings, landscaping, and more are all considered a type of art. Someone had to design it. 

God is the ultimate artist; the best artist of all time. There are some unbelievable places that you can go that shows the true artwork of Christ. We love the mountains and each time we go to the top of them, we see an amazing beauty that God has given us. 

We too are a piece of art created by Christ. God molds us in our mother’s womb and gives us all specific characteristics that make us who we are. No matter how hard we try, there are no two people exactly alike. We are his artwork. Each one of us is a piece of art that is priceless. 

God loves us and He is just as proud of us as the girls were last night with their final pieces of art!

Today is Saturday and in most parts around here, it is going to be a beautiful day. Take time to look at God’s artwork and thank Him for creating you like you are. 

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