It is Sunday! Today’s is the Lord’s day. It is time to get up, get ready, and head to worship. 

Today is a special day for our family. No, it is not because the Patriots and the Rams are playing in the Super Bowl. It is because Ady Kate turns 8 years old. She is excited to be reaching this milestone in her life! 

We all have milestones that we plan and prepare for. Some of these occur each year and some are on special days like birthdays. People attend college so they can one day they can have their dream. Milestones occur in many different forms and are different for each person. 

One of the most popular milestones that we hear about is our health. People want to lose twenty pounds and some want to lose more. These are goals they set and work at to accomplish. 

The Super Bowl is a milestone for players in the NFL as well. They work hard to try to reach the championship game so they can win and get the championship ring. 

Milestones are things that we work hard for. Sometimes it may come easier than others but often times we have to work hard to achieve exactly what we want. 

What are your goals? Do you have any milestones that you would like to reach one day? 

We all should have one milestone in common. That is to get to heaven and bring our friends and family with us. Not only them but everyone. We should want to work hard at trying to bring many people to Christ. God commands us to go out into all of the world, spread His word, baptize, and bring people to Christ.

If Christ and heaven are not part of your milestones, it is time to make them one now. If you have fallen away and need to get back on track with Him, there are opportunities. We would love to have you worship with us, fellowship with us, grow with us, and spend eternity with us. God is loving and will forgive you if you repent. 

It is Sunday. It’s not SUPER BOWL Sunday. It’s the Lord’s Day. See you at worship!

God is Good. 

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