What Did You Choose – Football or Worship

Super Bowl Sunday… Yesterday was a day of the year that many people look forward to. They buy lots of food, invite people over, and have a fun time hanging out and partying for the Super Bowl.

Each year, we attend church services on Sunday. Some churches use this day to host a church-eat-church style of worship, others add an additional early afternoon service, and some stick to their traditional Sunday P.M. worship time.

What is sad is that no matter what type of service above occurs, there are still people who choose not to show up for it. The later services, the 5 PM and later worship services, can seem to be a bit bare when it comes to attendance. Do the people who skip church services to prepare for the Super Bowl not feel guilty for putting football over Christ?

That is exactly what they are doing. They are choosing to miss worship to put FOOTBALL above CHRIST. Our family feels guilty for missing worship when someone doesn’t feel good.

I once was the type that would come up with every reason to skip worship. Baseball game, Super Bowl, concerts or any other type of event. I had made it a habit to skip services that I didn’t think anything about it after a while.

Lately, my relationship with Christ has grown stronger. I now realize that attending a Super Bowl party, baseball game, a concert or anything else will not get me closer to Christ. Our family picks God first over work, sports, and every other world event. Why? That is what we are commanded to do.

This morning I am directly speaking of missing services for football but this can be any event. If you miss church services to work on your day off, that is not presenting a Christ-like example. We are to provide for our family but when work takes the place of Christ, it is time to reposition your priorities. I’ve mentioned it in previous articles but that goes with sports and other stuff as well. I see so many people posting about sports on Sundays. Even someone that attends church with us was bragging about how he missed church to play in a baseball tournament. They even won! I’m excited that they won but that championship will not get them a direct pass to Heaven.

If you are one of the ones who are comfortable with missing services to host a Super Bowl party, volunteer to work, or play sports, I hope that you understand that Christ has been replaced at the top of your list. It is time to rethink your priorities and get Christ back at the top.

When our relationship with Christ grows stronger, we develop a bond that makes us want to attend worship. It makes us want others to attend worship with us as well. Once that bond is established again, and Christ is at the top of your list, you will begin to feel guilty when you skip church. That is when you know that your love for Christ is strong.

If this is you, I pray that you will work to change your priorities. Grow closer to Christ. If you are a baptized Christian, all you have to do is repent and come back to Christ and start living a life for Him. If you are not baptized, there is the opportunity to become a member of His family. Confess Christ, repent of your sins, and be baptized and start living your life with Christ on top. You don’t have to wait for a special day to become a member of His family. It can happen now. We’d love to have you as a brother or sister in Christ.

God is Good.

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