Getting the glory without the effort…

We live in a world where everyone gets a trophy. Kids play sports because their parents make them, not because they want to. Many kids play because their parents want to get away from them and have some alone time during practices. Others want to join a team to meet other kids but really don’t want to actually participate in the sport. This is becoming more and more common. 

These teams are filled with kids who do not really want to be on the field or on the court. There may be one or two serious kids on the team but often we see kids that want to just sit on the bench. 

I was observing a basketball game the other day and the coach literally asked, “Who wants to get in and play?” Only two kids raised their hands. The others wanted to sit and socialize on the bench. 

Sports are not the only things that this type of attitude occurs it. It happens in the workplace as well. Teams are developed to complete projects. Most of the time, there is that one person who does all of the work. The others are just on the team because they want to be or are told to be. These people really don’t want to do much of the work. 

People expect to get the glory of success without putting in the effort to achieve it. Kids playing sports will be on the team, attend some practices, show up at games and sit, and in the end, they will get a trophy. They get the trophy for completing the season and it makes them feel good about showing up. Everybody is a winner. 

Do you think God will give us the glory of eternal life if we do not put the effort into living our life for Him? Is it possible to cruise through our life and not attempt to spread His word, and bring others to Christ and God give us the mansion he has promised us in Heaven? Do you think God will give us a participation award of Heaven just for being born? 

God is a god of love. He is love but he also has made it very clear that we are to follow Him fully in order to get to Heaven. We must put in hard work and dedication to achieve the goal and get the gift. We all want to be a part of the outcome but many don’t want to put in the effort. 

Are you one of the ones that want to be a part of the outcome and are not really working to get the reward? It is time to get up, get in the game, and earn your spot in eternity with Christ. It will not be given to you without an effort from you. Heaven is a free gift given to sinners like us. Its given to those who are faithful followers of Christ. 

God is Good. 

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