Double Lines

Double yellow lines… 

These are things that we see every day that we are out on the road. What do these two solid parallel lines mean? Well, a lot of people must not really know what they mean because I see them disobeying the meaning a lot on my way to work in the mornings. These yellow lines simply mean, “DO NOT CROSS”. 

What is the purpose of these yellow lines? The lines help guide us safely down the road and it warns us that if we try to cross those lines we risk a potentially deadly situation. If we cross the lines and a car is coming in the opposite direction, we could be hit head-on and severely injured or even killed. If you cross it once you may survive. You may even cross it a few times but if you make a habit of crossing it, you will eventually end up getting hurt. 

In our Christian life, it works the same way. There are many boundaries that are laid out in the Bible that help guide us down the correct path to Christ. These boundaries help us stay safe. 

Almost from the start, in Exodus 20, God gives Moses a set of boundaries to follow. These boundaries, known as the Ten Commandments, help to keep our relationship with Christ, our parents, our spouse, and others strong. They guide us from committing sins that would wreck our life such as stealing, adultery, and murder. 

The boundaries go on into the New Testament as Jesus speaks during the Sermon on the Mount. He emphasizes ways to love each other, giving, hospitality, and more. He also tells us what to avoid to stay on the path the eternal life as well. Things such as anger, murder, adultery, divorce, lust, and false prophets are described to warn us of the dangers that it can have on us and our relationship with Him. 

How often do you think it is okay to cross these double yellow lines? Once or twice a day, maybe even once or twice a week? The truth is, if you are purposely crossing the yellow lines, you are choosing to live your life in sin and risk you reward in Heaven. Many people accidentally cross these lines and forgiveness from God is much easier given to them than one who chooses to cross the lines and ride in the opposite lanes for a while. 

God is a forgiving God. He is a loving God, that is why these yellow lines are laid out very specific for us to follow. They are not there for us just to look at and pick which ones we choose to obey. They are there for us to always obey. He loves us so much that He wants us to be with Him forever. 

If you are one of the drivers who purposely cross the double yellow lines and risk your life to do what you want to do, it is time to come back into the correct lane. Position your spiritual vehicle on a path that is guaranteed to be safe. There will be ups and downs, tough terrain, and dead ends that must be overcome but with Christ as your navigation, you will not get lost. 

There are many people out there that do not know the details of the boundaries that God has laid out for us. We can help them, start paving a new path for them and hopefully will give them the greatest gift that we will ever receive. Eternal life is for everyone that is a faithful follower of Christ. 

God is Good…

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