Chain Letters…

Who loves chain letters?!

“If you simply copy and paste this post and share it with ten friends, you will receive a substantial amount of money within 24 hours.”

“Share this post with a dozen friends and you will be blessed by God immediately but if you don’t you will be condemned for the rest of your life.”

“Repost if you love Jesus. He will reward you. If you do not repost, you love the devil.”

“Congratulations, you are the winner of a brand new iPhone 46sxl. Copy and paste this and you will receive your iPhone after you give us your address to mail it to.”

These all look familiar to us and the sad part about it is that none of them will actually come true. It is unfortunate but people still do exactly as they are told because they have just a small idea in their mind that it may come true.

Social media has been bombarded with many types of chain letters and giveaways that are not true at all. They are made to collect your information so they can share it with other companies who buy it from them.

Why do people still believe that they will actually get something out of these chain letters or chain posts? Why do they spread these?

The great part about these posts is that God will not condemn you because you didn’t like a post that said: “Like this post of if you love Jesus, scroll if you don’t”. He also will not reward you for liking that same post. These chain letters have no impact on our salvation so there is really no need to even acknowledge them.

God calls for us to spread His word through the teachings in the Bible, not through chain letters on social media. We are to bring others to Christ, teach them, convert them, baptize them so they can have a chance at eternal life.

The only true letter that has ever existed that guarantees an amazing reward is the Bible. The Bible tells us that if we spread God’s word and do as we are commanded throughout the Bible that we will be blessed with a mansion in Heaven with Christ.

Now, this sounds like a ‘chain letter’ that I would want to spread. Spread the great news, the only news, that has a real promise to it. Next time you think of passing on a chain letter, go to the Bible and spread some news that actually has meaning to it. Give others the same great news that you have been involved with.

God is Good.

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