What is Quicksand? 

Quicksand is dangerous and can be deadly if you are not careful. Around Tennessee, we do not see quicksand as much as those around the western United States. Quicksand is loose wet sand that sucks in anything that is resting on it or falls into it. 

Growing up, we saw quicksand a lot in the old Merry Melody cartoons. It seemed like these characters got stuck in quicksand a lot and would go all the way under. It was a cartoon obviously so the next segment the characters would be back out again. 

The bad part about quicksand is that once you are in it, it is a struggle to get out and there are certain ways to escape it or you will go under for good. 

Life is the same way. The quicksand of our life is a sin. Once you begin a habit of acting out a certain sin it can become comfortable doing it. 

For instance, lying… A person tells his/her boss that they are sick just because they want a day off. Then, they want another day off so they tell another lie. Then another, and another. They have quickly have been sucked into the quicksand of lying. 

As Christians, we have to work hard to avoid quicksand. These sins are everywhere and the devil tries hard to have his army of followers drag us down. We have to keep our faith in Christ to get out of every situation. He will guide us down the right road if we put our faith in Him. 

If you are stuck in quicksand and need help getting out, God will help you. You must give your life to Him and trust Him to lead your way. We would love to help you, pray with you, and pray for you. Repent of those sins that have drugged your life. Come back to Christ. If you aren’t a Christian, now is the best time to get right with Him. Please reach out to us. 

God is Good

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