How much are you willing to spend?

Last night, Ashley and I attended an auction to benefit our school. We love going to these type of events because it helps grow our school and bring great things to it. Our kids’ school is a private Christian school so it relies on the donations of individuals and also the success from events like this. We love our school, the staff, and all of the kids and parents we have met over the years. 

This auction was filled with amazing items donated by individuals around town. Most items were handmade and had some type of personalization with it to make the value become priceless. Parents, including ourselves, would bid on these items just so we could give back to our school if we won the high bid. 

As I sit here today, thinking of the auction last night; I can’t help but think about the amount of money that was raised and the good works that it would do for the school. Then, I start to think about our Christian life and the church we are all a part of.  What if we gave willingly to our churches as many did in the auction last night? What if we had the drive to grow our home congregation like we do our schools? There were hundreds of people there last night bidding on items just because they knew it helped the school. 

We have the opportunity to give each Sunday during worship. Do we all give as much to the church as we were willing to spend on an item at an auction? 

Please don’t take this as a post to tell you to give, give, give… It is not that at all. It is more of grow, grow, grow…

Just imagine how much we could grow the church if we were willing to invest in it like we do so many other things in life. Today, if you are able to give, think of what good it can do to your congregation in growing the Lord’s church. We all want our kids to succeed in school so we invest heavily in it. We should want our kids to succeed more in their Christian walk so we should start looking at investing heavily in it.

Whether you invest your money, your skills, your time, or anything else; we need to look at investing in the growth of the Lord’s church overall. 

God is Good!

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