Does Heaven have open borders?

For the past few months, well years, our President has been trying to build a wall around the southern border of the United States. Many people believe this to be a great idea where others believe that it is an idea that is destined to ruin the country. 

Let’s look at this from a protection standpoint. Everything that you see that needs to be protected has walls. The White House has a fence and armed guards to protect it. The prisons have fences around them to protect people from the prisoners inside of it. Many homes have fences and gates to stop people from freely going into them. Our own homes have doors with locks and walls so people do not come in and steal from us or even hurt us. 

Could you imagine if you built a house and left one of the side walls open so anyone could come in? 

Yesterday, on Facebook, I saw that a company in eastern Arkansas is under fire for a slogan they put on an advertisement page. I am not endorsing this company or the way the company presented this phrase but I am going to agree with the phrase 100%. 

“Heaven has a wall, a gate, a strict immigration policy. Hell has opened borders. Let that sink in”

Pretty straight forward right? 

If you think about it, the company is exactly right. You do not have to follow the rules or do anything to earn your way to Hell. Hell has an open door policy and you can quickly go to it anytime you want. Just live life the way you want to live life, not the way God tells us to live, and you can earn a first class ticket to Hell. No strings attached and no rules to follow. It has opened borders and once you are in Hell, you are in it for eternity. 

Heaven, on the other hand, has a strict policy. The policy is no secret as it has been laid out in the Bible for many centuries. There are commandments we are to follow and things we are to do to live Christ-like. We will have to stand before God, once we leave this earth, and we will tell us if we have correctly lived our life to earn our way into Heaven. He will tell us if we followed his policy as he instructed. Once we are approved, we will enter His gates and spend eternity with Him. 

Christ doesn’t just let anyone into Heaven. He let’s those who earn their salvation. 

Hell has an open door policy and our country doesn’t need to follow in those footsteps of unsecured borders. 

If you are one that believes that we should open our borders to anyone who wants to come in as they please, I hope that this gives you a little insight with a more straight forward example. If Heaven had an open door policy, would it be the Heaven God talks about in the Bible? 

Let’s build a wall and protect our families. Let’s let people in who earn their way in by following the rules. 

This was not a typical post but it is a current event that weighs on a lot of peoples’ minds and hearts. Let’s pray for the best decision for our country to be made and pray that God comes back into the lives of all who have fallen away. 

God is Good

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