Marie Kondo… This is one name that is very popular right now. She has taken the art of cleaning out, decluttering, to a whole new level. She has two main goals in each one of her jobs. The first is to take away everything that does not bring you joy. You would go through everything in your home and if it has not brought you joy, you get rid of it. Now, you have everything in your home that makes you happy. You take that stuff and make it visible so you can see it and easily reach it. 

So why do most of us want to declutter? It is because we are overwhelmed with the situation we are in. There is to much stuff and nothing else fits. It is a big mess. 

Our lives can be the same way. People get involved in so much that it begins to take over their life. They go to work and work long hours. Once they get off work, they head to an extracurricular activity. Next, they head home to their family for a few short hours. Bedtime comes, they sleep, and back at it the next day. Weekends roll around, their schedules are so booked that they don’t take time to sit down and relax and focus on the things that are important.

Cluttered lives get in the way of our walk with Christ. When our lives get overwhelmed with activities that God is no longer a priority, it is time to declutter.  You may think that all of your extra activities bring you joy so with this you have to look at what will bring you the most joy in the long run. Remove activities that interrupt your walk with Christ. Start with events that cause you to miss worship. Get rid of them completely. Then, move on to events that would not be approved by God. If you have to question if God would like it, then you don’t need to do it. 

In the end, God will bring you more joy than anything on earth. Yes, more than your wife. More than your kids. More than anything you can possibly think of. So, what does this tell you? No, don’t get rid of your wife and kids just because they don’t bring you as much joy as Christ will. Instead, share the joy with them that Christ will be giving you so you can all experience it together. 

If you are struggling with clutter in your life, start over. Remove all of the things that distract you from focusing on God himself. Surround yourself with friends that have a passion for Christ. Get involved with a congregation that loves the Lord and helps each other get to Heaven. If you have trouble finding that home, let us help you! 

God is Good. 

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