Where is your heart?

The time of year has finally come. It is what these girls have been practicing for all year long. Ever since school started, these little athletes have been practicing non-stop, daily, to perfect their routines in hopes to make it to Orlando. The national finals are in Orlando each year and it is every cheerleader’s dream to compete, make it to the finals, and win the finals. 

It has been seven long months of practice. Every girl has their part in the routine and every girl is needed to accomplish their goal. It is two days before the competition. They are just a couple of days away from jumping on the stage in front of people from all over the country to show them what they have perfected. Suddenly, Jane gets sick. She has been running a high fever and unable to hold food down. A quick trip to the urgent care determines that she has a horrible case of the flu. 

What do they do now? What is the team to do without Jane, who just so happens to be the girl at the top of the pyramid in their final routine? No one else has practiced in case this scenario was to happen. What should they do? 

Jane, not wanting to miss what she has been working for her entire life, decides that she will go ahead and attend the competition and perform with her team. Although she is very sick, she still has the will power to get up and go do what she loves doing. Without any question, the coaches are excited to have her there even though she is sick. Her parents also fully support, and a matter of fact encourages her to compete sick.  

Isn’t it crazy that people can be so wrapped up in an event or sport that it consumes their life? It can be any sport but cheer is used because it is a popular sport that is posted on all social media at the moment. No matter what sickness or tragic event comes up, people still attend despite the outcome they may have. They don’t want to let their team down. 

When it comes to sports, people do not miss for any reason. 

When it comes to worship, it shocks me to see that those same people will miss for a small cough. Talk about priorities. People can be on their death bed but they roll out and join their sport. If they are put in a very minor situation for worship, they do not attend any services. 

Why is this? Why is it that people value sports over Christ? Why do people go out of their way to please their coaches but do not go out of their way to please God? 

Shouldn’t we work on pleasing God first and not coaches? Shouldn’t we be working on the ultimate prize of eternal life with Christ more often than we do a championship? Parents, this one is on you. You have the choice to raise your child to be Christlike. It is up to you to be the example, set the bar now, and when they get older they will remember that your love for Christ outweighed your love for sports. 

Exodus 20:2 – “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”. This doesn’t just mean ‘gods’. What it refers to not putting anything above Him, idolatry. 1 Corinthians 10:14 tells us to flee idolatry. Idolatry is a work of the flesh. Choosing to put things above Christ, like sports, make that item your idol. 

If you are one of those who is like Jane in the example above, please consider reorganizing your priorities. Place Christ at the top of your list. 

God is Good. 


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