It is gameday. Every Saturday for the past couple of months has been game days for us. Basketball season has been in full swing for our kids and is coming to an end. Only a couple of more weeks. 

Today, there is a big rivalry game that will be happening. Our Tennessee Vols will be playing Kentucky. This is a big game because Tennessee has been ranked number 1 for the past few weeks and they are playing a rival of theirs that is also ranked in the top 10.  

Many of you know, I am a Duke fan and the biggest two games of the year are the North Carolina games. This rivalry is one of the biggest in sports. 

Each team has a rivalry that can impact their season. 

As Christians, we have many rivals. We see these rivals everywhere we go. The devils has his team of followers that are out to knock of off track, lose our focus on our goal, and sometimes even try to offer a trade to join their team. Satan has never won against Christ. Unfortunately for some, the devil has won against them. It is a tough fight but we must keep our focus our entire life. If we veer off track for one moment we can be taken down. 

We have the best coach that one can offer. God has the ultimate playbook and we have to follow it to come out with the win. 

If you have been constantly beaten by the devils’ followers, it is easy to come back to Christ. Repent of what you have done wrong, grab His playbook and follow His commands, and live a life for Christ.

If you need help, let us be the ones that aid you in your walk with Christ. Surrounding yourself with Christian brothers and sisters in Christ can help make your faith in God stronger and relationship solid. We would love to pray for you. 

God is Good. 

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