End of Season…

Our kids’ basketball season is nearing the end of the season. They all have one more game left this weekend. When the season ends athletes begin to focus on the next season. Some take a small break and then being to train again but most continue to keep their skills at a peak so they can do good the next season. 

In our Christian life, we are involved in different seasons. As young kids growing up learning about Christ, we are in the first season of our life. We are getting to know God and what He has planned for us. 

Then, we have followed his command. As we grew up we heard God’s word and we believe that Jesus is the Son of God and died for our sins. We have now repented of all our sins and confessed Christ as our savior. Then we were baptized. From that point forward we are in the new season of our life. This season will last until it is our time to leave the earth. 

During this last season, we are continuously preparing ourselves for the next season. We are commanded to do many things throughout the Bible. We are to spread God’s word and bring others to Christ. We are to live our life in a Christlike manner. When our time on earth is over, there will not be an offseason to where we can make up for the weaknesses that we had on earth. 

Are you prepared for the next season in our Christian life? Are you working daily to follow God’s commands so you can spend your next season in Heaven with Him? 

If you are not prepared, there is no better time than now. Give yourself back to Christ if you have already been a follower. If you aren’t a Christian, you can follow the steps mentioned above to become a member of His family and have the opportunity to live in a mansion in Heaven prepared specifically for you. 

If you need someone to help you, pray for you, and love you; there is a church family waiting for you. We would love to have you join us!

God is Good. 

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