Our Spiritual Blanket

How many of you had a blanket when you were a little kid? Many of you have kids that carry a blanket around with them now. Sometimes it can even be annoying that when you forget the blanket at home and you are thirty minutes from the house that you have to go back and get it to make your child feel at ease again. Why do you think they have this blanket with them wherever they go? 

They carry this blanket around because it provides them a sense of security. They know that when they have this blanket in their hands, they are in a safe place. The second they lose their blanket, they become scared of what is around them and cannot function as expected until the blanket is back safe in their possession. 

What is your security blanket? 

Our security blanket in life should be Christ. Each day when we wake up, we should grab Him and embrace Him. He is needed in our lives to protect us. He is the only one that can protect us from all sin. 

When we leave the house without Christ wrapped up in our life, we tend to be able to be drawn into sin. People noticed that we do not have our security blanket (Christ) with us and they work hard to keep Him away from us. They bring may temptations to us because they know that we are in a weak state. 

Do you leave the house often without having your spiritual security blanket? 

If you do, it is time to go to Christ and tell Him that you want Him wrapped around your soul daily so you can be a Christlike example to others. Repent of the sins that have attacked you while Christ was not by your side. Grab that spiritual blanket, wrap it tightly around you, and go out and spread His word. 

If you need help getting your spiritual blanket back to where it needs to be, we would love to help you. Send us a message and we can pray for you. We would love to have you spending eternity with us!

God is Good

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