Rain Rain Go Away….

Here in Middle Tennessee, we have had a few inches of rain over the past few weeks. Actually, out of the past 25 days, we have hit about 20 days of rain. With the rain totals today, this area has reached the 3rd wettest February. We are expecting more severe storms and rain throughout the day and into the night. We all need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. 

When we think of floods, there are a few floods that come to mind. The most obvious flood that we can remember is the 2010 Nashville flood that destroyed tons of buildings, neighborhoods, and towns across the area. It was the largest flood of our life in this area. Next, I think of the floods that we had back home in our little town of Bogota. The Mississippi levy would break and our family’s land would go underwater. Some cases we have helped friends put sandbags out to save their homes. Then, we think of the most powerful flood that ever occurred. This is the flood that wiped out everyone but Noah’s family. 

God told Noah that he needed to be prepared for the flood. While many others thought Noah was crazy for building a boat when there was no rain, Noah continued to fulfill God’s command to build the boat. Noah wanted his family to be safe. 

With the storms coming in today, we need to be prepared like Noah. I’m not saying go buy a boat or even build a boat but just be prepared for the worst-case scenario. 

Are you prepared? Are you living a Christlike life? Are you spreading His word as he commands us to do? Being prepared is not only for storms coming in but its for everyday life. We will never know when it is time for His return. We never know if there is a chance of being in an accident or suffering a major health emergency. Any of these events can end our life on earth and we need to be prepared. 

If you aren’t prepared and need to get your life back on the right track so you can spend eternity with Christ, we would love to help you. As I mention a lot, we have a great Christian family that wants to help. Simply message me, or meet up with us, and we would love to pray for you. 

Be safe out there today. 

God is Good

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