Overseeding Your Life…

Last night after we got home from church, I decided it was time to overseed the yard with ryegrass to get it green for people who may express interest in buying our house. There are many benefits to overseeding your yard this time of year with ryegrass. When the root system is established, it helps to keep your soil aerated so your summer grass will grow easier and healthier. 

Whatever type of grass you may have it is always beneficial to overseed it so it stays mature and healthy. When you overseed your lawn, you are preparing your yard for the next season. 

In our Christian walk, we need to be overseeded as well. There are also times that we need to overseed people with God’s Word. 

What is the best way to overseed yourself with God’s Word? 

What is the best way to overseed others with God’s Word?

Whether we are trying to grow others or grow ourselves, the best way to do that is to dig into God’s Word. Establishing yourself into a Christian family who loves God, loves worshiping Him, and loves spreading God’s Word.  Having a solid, faithful, Biblically sound church family will help you continue to grow and strengthen your relationship with Him. 

If you see someone who has been a part of God’s family and has simply fallen away, you can be the one to overseed them with the love of Christ. Invite them into your family so they can learn, grow, and have the opportunity to spend eternity with you and our God. 

God is Good…



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