The Masked Christian

Last night was the finale of The Masked Singer. To be honest, we are not huge fans of the show but it was neat to see who all of the judges thought was under the mask. Most of the people they guess, we had no clue who they were. If you have never seen the show, celebrities dress up in amazing costumes and sing various songs throughout the season of the show. There are a very select few people who actually know who is under the masks. The competitors themselves do not know who each other are. 

The contestants are covered in a mask from the time they get in their car from their hotels until they get to the studio. Once they are in the studio, they remain covered and slip into a dressing room where the only few people know who they are. The planning that goes into place to cover up who they really are is very deep and well thought out. Each episode, the judges try to guess and the one with the fewest votes has to reveal themselves. 

Are you a masked Christian? Do you put on an act around certain people and when you are around other people you act a totally different way? 

We all know people who wear a mask. Sometimes we may even be the ones wearing the mask. Some of us may be the one wearing the mask all of the time. Are you a Sunday morning Christian? When you wake up on Sunday mornings, do you put on your mask before you leave your house and head to church services? Then, once you get there, your mask remains on while you attend worship and Bible classes. You head out to lunch with your friends from church and spend a couple of hours fellowshipping with them. Then, after its over, you head back home and then unmask yourself. 

You unmask yourself and continue on your week as if you never even attended worship. You go to work and no one knows you are a Christian. You go to parties and hang out in places that a Christlike example would never need to be. And then, Sunday morning comes again and your mask goes back on. 

Putting a mask on to hide your true identity is untruthful. If you are that person, it is time to take your mask off and throw it away for good. God can help you unmask yourself, change your real identity to a faithful Christian, and give you the chance to live for forever with Him. It is up to you to repent of those sins and join His family again. 

When you are a Sunday morning only Christian, you are not putting Christ first in your life. You are simply putting on an act so others will believe that you have God at the top of your list. Unmask yourself, throw it away, and live daily for Him. 

If you need help removing your mask, we would love to have the opportunity to help you. Let us pray for you. Simply reach out and we will do what we can do to help you live a life with Christ and spend eternity with Him. 

God is Good…

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