Finding The One…

Today is a special day. It is a special day in the eyes of many but for our family, it is a special day for our friends. Last year, we were introduced to a family that has made an impact on our lives. A family that has helped us out tremendously over the past year with trials that we were faced with. Today is their special day as their son marries the love of his life. 

As parents, as our kids grow up, we teach them the importance of finding a great person to marry. We try to teach them the importance of finding a husband or wife that has a Christ-like attitude and the same drive for eternity as they do. We place them in environments with other Christians in hopes that they find the one person that God has sent to earth to unite with them. We pray for our kids to make the right decision. We place them into God’s hands to assist in guiding their path to that one person. 

I sit here this morning and think of the two Christian souls that will be getting married. As I think of the bride-to-be, I look over at my daughter. I pray that Ady will find a man that is a Godly man that will treat her as a man of Christ is to treat his wife. I pray that he will always lead her spiritually and never take the wrong path in life. Also, I hope that she is going to be the wife that stands by her husband and loves him, cares for him, and also has a spiritual influence on him. 

Then, I think of my boys. I pray that they find a wife that has a Godly impact on them. One that loves Christ and loves serving Him. I hope that they treat her with all of the respect and love a man can give and they continue to follow their goal, as a family, of going to Heaven. 

As parents, one of our main goals in life is to get our kids to Heaven. Marriage is mentioned a lot of times in the Bible which proves its importance. Genesis 1:27-28 tell us that God created man and woman to be one and to go out and multiply the world. From the very beginning, marriage existed. Ecclesiastes 4:9 lets us know that two people are better than one because if one falls, the other can be there to lift them up. Marriage can help each other stay strong in their walk with Christ. The men are to love their wife, just as Christ loved the Church (Ephesians 5:25). To accomplish our goal of getting our kids to Heaven, it is important to teach them the Christian qualities to look for in a spouse. 

This afternoon, we will be attending the wedding of these two amazing people I talked about at the beginning. As parents, I  want to thank them for the example they both are to my kids. The past year, they have had influences on my kids that they don’t realize they have had. We love this family and can’t wait to see them unite in marriage and continue their path together. 

God is Good…


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