When It All Comes Together

Over the past couple of months, our kids have been going to practice for the production “Oliver”. Honestly, Ashley and I had never seen the show before and had no clue what it was about. For weeks, we send the kids to practice so they can learn all of their parts. Every now and then we would stay and watch them rehearse their parts. 

At the beginning of the practices, it was basically a mess. This is expected because they are still learning their parts. Over time they start getting more familiar with their parts and get comfortable with their surroundings. 

Over the past week, we have had the ability to sit in their practices at the place where they are having the show. Just in the past week, the actors and actresses in the play have made a drastic difference. Tonight, we sat through parents night and got to see the production in its entirety.

The show was amazing. Seeing everything come together into the final product was great. These kids have worked hard for months now to get to this point and now they are ready. They are ready for five sold-out shows in five days.  All of the hard work and dedication has made it successful. 

In our Christian life, we strive to keep God’s commandments. The Bible is the script of life and in the Bible, it tells us everything that we need to do to get to spend eternal life with Him. It even tells us different things we need to avoid so we will not risk our reward in Heaven. 

If we follow this guide of Life, we will have the ability to put everything together in the way that Christ wants us to. It will take practice and it will be very tough at times but once it all comes together, all of the hard work and dedication will pay off. 

We will be a part of the best production that ever exists if we follow God’s Word. The production that we will star is one that no one on earth has the ability to write. It will be everlasting. Once everything we live for on earth comes together and it is time for God to bring us home, we will get the reward. 

If you need help finding the correct script of life to get you to Heaven, we would love to help you get back on the right track. We want your life to come together in the correct way so you can spend eternity with God as well. 

God is Good..


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