Life Flashes Before Your Eyes

A couple was sitting at home on Wednesday night enjoying some relaxation. They had a long day at work and were ready to just wind down and hang out with each other. They knew that the weather outside was predicted to get rough so they decided to stay inside. Later on, they decide it is time to go to bed. About halfway through the night, they are awakened by a horrible sound. It was the sound of a storm tearing through the trees in their yard. They couple grab each other’s arms and run to the bathroom to get protection in the bathtub. They lived in a little house on a slab so they did not have a good place to hide. 

As the storm blew through their land, it finally hit their house. The poor home was no match for the powerful tornado. Board by board the home began to quickly shred. The roof is detached and shattered in the back yard. The couple looks up and they can see the sky. It is filled with debris from many different locations. As they sit and watch, their life begins to flash before their eyes. Memories of their life fill their minds and they realize that this could be the last moment of their life. 

What do you do when you are in that situation? What do you think of? 

If you aren’t a Christian, do you think of the possibility of not seeing another day on earth? 

If you are a Christian but are living your own way, do you think of the possibility that this could be your last minute on earth and the next minute you could wake up in a horrible place? 

If you are a faithful Christian, do you think that if you die you will be on your way to Heaven? 

Sometimes when people are in these situations, it changes them. After seeing their life flash before their eyes, they begin to realize that life is short on earth and they need to change so they can continue to live when they leave the earth. 

Why does it take this type of event to impact someone’s life? Why don’t people realize before tragedy strikes that Jesus can come back at any moment and then it is too late. 

I pray that if you are reading this post and you are one of those who is living your way, instead of God’s way, and you think you have plenty of time to get your life right with Christ that you will realize that tomorrow may be too late. You may not wake up tomorrow. You may wake up and Christ returns. What do you do then? You won’t be able to do anything because it will be too late. 

Please don’t wait for a tragic event to change your life. 

There are verses in the Bible that tell us that we do not know the time nor day that Jesus will come back. 1 Thessalonians 5:2 and Matthew 24:43 both state that the time is unknown. In Matthew, Jesus himself is telling us that he will come back like a thief in the night. Paul reminds us again in Thessalonians that Jesus will be back at a time that no one knows and that we must be prepared for that time. 

How do we get prepared for something that we don’t know when will happen? At home, when we prepare our house with alarms to protect ourselves from thieves. In life, in order to prepare yourself for the second coming of Christ, we have to open our Bibles. The Bible tells us the way and that way is through Jesus (John 14:6). Read the Bible. Hear God’s calling. Believe that Jesus is the Savior. Repent of those sins and confess that Jesus is your Savior. Be baptized and wash your sins away so you can start living a life for Christ. 

Do wait until tomorrow, tomorrow may never come. Today is your day. 

God is Good…

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