Hated by the world…

Would you risk being hated by the world to stand up for what you believe? 

Sometimes in life, we are put into situations that cause us to question the moment we are involved in. This may happen at work, at school, or even at church. What do you do when you are put into those situations? 

It is sad that the majority of people when faced with situations that could damage their image, would sit back and do nothing because they are afraid the world would view them differently. They do not want people that they see daily to think any different of them. 

Even when people are put into situations that contradict their spiritual beliefs they still remain silent. Again, they remain silent because they are afraid the world would view them differently.  They end up just going with the flow knowing that God will not be happy with them. 

What would have happened if Jesus would have just been silent? What if he came to earth and just died like another person? Jesus knew why He was on earth and knew what He had to do to change the world. 

We are called to be the light. Making a difference in the world requires us to turn our light on and leaving it on and never letting it burn out. How can you be the light if you are afraid to turn your light on? 

If you are involved in a situation that you know is not a Christlike situation, speak up. Speak up with love and dignity but do it. It will make you feel better to know that you are standing firm to your Biblical beliefs. It also pleases God for you to stand up for Him. 

God is Good. 

Ephesians 6:14 ‘Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness’


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