Unexpected Situations

Do you ever feel guilty for things you do? 
Do you ever feel guilty for things that you let your kids do? 

In our world today, raising kids gets to be tough. Every aspect of their life we have to analyze and make sure that we are putting them in the best possible situation and environment to help them maintain their faith in Christ and have them grow closer to Him. 

As parents, this is our job to guide our children and be the example to them that God wants us to be. As they grow older, they will learn from every single situation that they were placed in and potentially apply it to their life. 

There are many posts and articles that I have done about placing Christ first in our life. In every single situation, we have to make sure that we are doing what God wants us to do. Does He want us to go to this concert? Would He approve of this movie? What would He think if I were to go to this place? Every single even we need to think, is this the best place for our kids to be to grow closer to God. 

I have to admit, it is tough… It is very tough to be a parent trying to raise kids to be faithful to the Lord with all of the sins in our world. I struggle daily with this and at times feel guilty for allowing my kids to do certain things. 

So what do we do when we unexpectedly put our kids into situations that are not in line with our Christian values? 

First, we need to let God know that we made a mistake. Let Him know that the choice that you made was not in line with His plan. Once you let God know that you made a mistake, you reach out to your kids. You must turn this experience into a teaching lesson. Let them know that parents make mistakes and this was one of them. Share the positive and negative aspects of the situation and turn it into a life lesson that they can build off of. 

When parents admit mistakes to their children, it strengthens the trust they have with you. It also gives them the ability and comfort in knowing that you are there for them and they will open up to you about their mistakes. 

Pray for your children and pray for other parents. 

God is Good. 

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