The Solution Is Christ

Spring break is here for many people. There are a lot of people who have left and went to the beach. When we hit the road to the beach, we look at maps for the quickest way to get there. Back when we were in high school, we didn’t have phones to direct our way or navigation systems. We had to use the good ole reliable Rand McNally map of the United States to get where we wanted to go. 

When we leave for vacation, there are many roads that we can take to get where we need to go. There are many options in case there is traffic or a wreck that we can use to get around it and still reach our destination successfully. 

What is the quickest way to Heaven? When you open up the Bible, how many different ways does it give you to get to your home in Heaven? 

There is only one way. John 14:6 lets us know that there is only one way. That way is through Christ. The solution is Christ. There are no shortcuts. Jesus says He is the way. 

Dan Cottrell will be presenting a lesson at Southern Hills church of Christ, today, that will discuss Jesus being THE WAY. I encourage everyone to attend at 9AM. If you can’t attend, watch online. Learn how you can get your life right with Christ to spend eternity with Him. 

God is Good. 

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