Keep The Drive

How many of you get extremely motivated in the things you work on or are involved in? It may be your job, your workout place, your school, your church, or anything that you love. When you are fully motivated to do something, it begins to be a part of your life and can even change your life. 

When people focus their motivation on certain things, they become successful at those things.  Like sports, basketball players are motivated to succeed, they work as hard as they can to do that. 

The same with our spiritual life… When we are motivated to spread the love of Christ, we do an amazing job at it. The problem is that we need to have that motivation over every other earthly motivation we have. It tends to get put on the back burner. Sometimes people say things to you drag you down but we must remember that we are serving God and not the people who are dragging us down. Christ will never try to deflate our motivation for Him. 

Today, while you are out in the world, remember to show love to all and the love of Christ will be present to all. 

Our church will begin a #WINONE campaign soon but we all can start today. WIN ONE SOUL FOR CHRIST. Work on one soul. When you get that person on the path to eternal life, you can begin to #WINONE more soul. 

God is Good. 

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