Do you fully Trust In God…

During our nightly devotionals, we are going through the miracles of Jesus. We started this just a couple of days ago and last night’s devotional was about Jesus healing the nobleman’s son. How much trust do we actually have in God when we send our prayers up to Him? 

It made all of us think about things that we pray for that we don’t get immediate answers to. Sometimes it seems like the prayers we request are never answered. Why is this? I honestly believe that every prayer is answered, just not the way that we want it. God knows what is best for us. We may have prayed for something years ago and, in our eyes, it is still not answered but we don’t know what God’s plan is with us. He may still be putting the finishing touches on that prayer as we speak. We have to trust God. 

The nobleman made about a 20-mile trip to see Jesus. Why did he make this trip? Remember, at this time Jesus had only turned water to wine. The nobleman’s son as about to die and he was doing what any father would do. He went to the One who could potentially help his son live. He did not intend on Jesus to not travel back with him to his home as he requested. He wanted Jesus to touch him and heal him. Jesus simply spoke to him and told him that his son ‘is alive’. 

What would go through your mind when you hear this? Would you trust that Jesus was right and without even seeing your touching your son that your son would be healed? From 20-miles away, Jesus simply spoke the healing. The nobleman went back to his hometown to where his son was healed. The nobleman didn’t question Jesus, he simply turned and left putting his trust in the words of Jesus. 

How often do we actually put our trust in the words of Christ? We pray and pray but do we actually end the prayer believing that God is answering our request? 

We need to have the trust of the nobleman. When we as for healing, we have to trust that God is going to answer this in the way that is best for everyone. It may not be the answer that you want but it is the answer that is the overall best. God is perfect, His solutions are perfect. 

(John 4:46)

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