Our Bibles Are Closed

Where is God? 

How many times have we heard this statement from people all over the world? Where is God when an attack on a school happens? Where is God when abortion laws are passed in states allowing babies to die up until birth? Where is God when someone is struggling? Where is God?

Our country has taken a turn for the worse. We live in times that are steadily declining and drawing people away from Christ. Sin has taken over the world at full force. The devil is winning over the majority of people and all we hear from people is “Where is God?”. If God did this… If God did that… If God really cared he would…  Seriously, how many times have we hard those statements from people at work, on the news, and even people in our own home congregations. When negative and horrible things occur, God is the first to blame… NEVER THE DEVIL. It is easier to blame someone who is not ‘present’ than someone who is.

In our current society, the devil’s army is everywhere. He has recruited a strong force of men and women that are spreading quicker than wildfires. They are moving deep into our country, into our cities, into our neighborhoods, and unfortunately for a lot of people, into our homes. Legalizing murder (abortion), homosexuality, transgenderism, and many more horrific acts against Christ are sweeping the nation. 

Many ask the question of why this is happening. Why is our world becoming the devil’s playground? 

There are so many people complaining about why God isn’t helping, why is God not present to help change our country back…Where is God? 

How can we even ask a question like that? It is very easy to look and see that our country has excluded Christ from everything. Yes, everything. Our country was once a country founded on the foundation of Christ. “In God We Trust” was placed on all of our money, in government buildings, and many more places to remind us that God is our backbone. 

So why does it appear that God is silent? It is because as a country, our Bibles are closed. Our Bibles have been closed for a couple of decades now and look at how well that has paid off. In the past fifteen years, there has been a rise in the amount of violence in schools. Homosexuality has not only grown to the highest peaks we have seen, but it is also an approved marital status in our country. You can now legally get married to the same sex without any questions whatsoever. Abortion, legalized murder, is now accepted in states and even allowed up until the minute the mother delivers the baby. 

The ripple effect of sin is in full force in our country but yet, we Christians, are remaining silent. Our Bibles are still shut when it comes to fighting our laws. Many of us have thrown in the towel and simply deal with the losses. 

When is enough, enough? We cannot sit back and complain about why God hasn’t interrupted this corrupt society and helped fix it when our Bibles are closed. 

Satan’s fight for what our country has endured did not come easy for his army. It was a long tough battle but they are winning. They are pulling ahead.

It is time for Christians to get back in the ring and put up the same fight that we have been losing for a couple of decades. Dust off our Bibles and get back on the trail. Christians have the most powerful force on our side. Our faith in Christ and love for Christ should be enough to want to get our country back on the right path. Are you willing to step up to the challenge? It’s time we save our country by getting God back into it fully. 

There is an eternal home waiting for the faithful followers of Christ. Until we reach that reward, we are commanded to spread His word and live for Him daily. Let’s spread His word and get our country back to living for Him daily as well. 

God is Good… 

February Edition of Thinks Magazine (Focus Press)

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