Do you remember when you first started dating your spouse? For those who aren’t married, do you remember your first ‘true love’? Some of you may be in that stage right now. If you live close by, you go over to their house every day and hang out. Sometimes you go out and just ride around and enjoy each other presence. Every moment that you are with each other is a fun-filled, exciting moment in your life. Then, when you head home for the night, you don’t just go home and go to bed. You go home and you talk on the phone for hours into the night. The both of you cannot simply get enough of each other.

Those late night phone calls would last for hours and hours. You knew that you would see each other the next morning but you still wanted to spend every awaken second talking. 

Do you remember the feeling when you would hang up for the night? If it was like me, I was sad in a way but excited because I knew that the next morning Ashley was just a phone call away. That alone made me look forward to living another day. 

Do you ever think about how God feels when we are in prayer with Him? Do you think that we put forth the effort in praying to Him like we did when we dated our spouse? 

When I pray, I sometimes think of how happy God is in Heaven simply just listening to me spill my guts to Him. I know that He is sitting up, alert, and eager to hear every single word I have to say just the same way we all were eager to hear our spouse talk on the phone with us. Then, when the time comes for us to conclude our prayer, I can see God sitting with a smile on His face and excitement in His eyes because He just got off the phone with His children. 

Do we put forth the effort to pray and thank Him like we did when we were first in love? We love Christ and He is supposed to be number one in our life.

Next time you pray, think about the joy and excitement He gets from hearing your voice talking to Him. Let Him know how thankful you are for Him and what He has given us. Spend time in prayer to Him like you would your spouse. 

God is Good… 

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