Bumper Bowling

How many of you like bowling?

We don’t go often but the kids seem to enjoy it a lot when we do go. They especially love it when the bumpers are up. What is the purpose of the bumpers? Well, they keep the ball from going into the gutter. I guess you could say that it keeps the children from experiencing defeat.

As parents, some may believe that it’s a way to help keep the kids happy and avoid a massive breakdown when the kids throw their ball into the gutter.

Does God put up bumpers in our life? From the perspective of experiencing defeat, He does not. We have all experienced some type of defeat in our life. It may have been a loss of a loved one, a job, or some other event that causes us sadness and disappointment.

Why does God allow us to be pushed in the gutter at times? Why wouldn’t He just block our life from experiencing any harm?

God knows that all of the negative that we will experience and all of the pain we will endure will only make us stronger. For me, it has also made me love Him more and want to do more for Him.

Today, I encourage you to drop the bumpers in your life. The safe and easy route to Christ is not the way to go. He told us that the rough and narrow way is the way to Him. There are no bumpers on that path.

God is good…

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