Let Jesus Take Over

How often do we give it all to Jesus to take care of? When we are faced with life-threatening issues, how often do we pray to God to help us? I’m sure that we pray but do we pray wholeheartedly? In other words, do we sincerely beg Him to help us? 

In Luke 5:12, there is a prime example of someone that needs help and has put his life on the line and begs Jesus for help. A man full of leprosy saw Jesus and fell on his face and begged to Him saying, “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean”. 

If you can recall, leprosy was a disease that very destructive. It was so bad that there were laws that if the wind was not blowing, you could stand no closer than 2 meters away from the leper. If the wind was blowing, you had to stand at least 150 feet away to avoid the risk of catching the disease. You can look up pictures of severe leprosy but for those who want a quick mental image, picture a real-life person from the “Walking Dead” series. Leprosy was considered the image of sin. 

Jesus did not hesitate in acknowledging the leper. Luke 5:13, Jesus reached out his hand and touched him. He said, “I am willing; be cleansed.”  At that moment, leprosy left him.  

Why did Jesus touch him? Why would Jesus touch a man who was highly contagious with a horrible disease? Jesus could have healed the man with His words but instead, He touched him. This showed compassion to the man as well as being an example to others to show compassion for those who are in need.

Jesus did not want all of the recognition from healing the man so he informed him not to tell people. Jesus knew that people would see that this man was healed when the man went back to the priest. It was a law that they had to offer up certain sacrifices when a person with leprosy was healed (Leviticus 14). Word spread from this and people began to gather around Jesus more and more as He traveled. 

When we undergo troubled times, do we throw ourselves down to Christ? When we pray consistently for God to help us, it is not begging. We are believers and because we have faith that God will help us, we keep going to God in prayer. 

There are some of you out there right now that are facing issues that none of us have ever been through before and probably will never go through in our life. Like the leper, people who don’t have the disease or haven’t faced the issue you have, do not know how to handle the situation and therefore can unintentionally avoid it. Remember, God will never forsake you. He will never turn you down. He will always be right there beside you. You have to give it ALL to Him. 

Life can be difficult. Life can throw things at you that you never would expect and you may think that you can’t handle it. Remember, God will not give you something that you can’t handle (1 Cor. 10:13). He will be there for you. He will put people into your life that will help you. It is up to you to give it all of your trouble and burdens to Him. Be like the leper, and throw yourself down in front of God and put your faith in Him that He will heal you.  

One great thing about God’s family is that we all want to help. We are all sinner that strive to be Christlike. We fail at many things but we will show compassion to you and your situation. Simply reach out and let God take control and guide you back to restoration. 

God is Good….

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