Sow the seed…

It is almost time to start getting your flowers ready, plant your yearly plants, and sow some seeds. Based on the farmers’ almanac, mid-April is one of the best times to start planting plants to avoid a frost killing them. It is time to start working on your soil and getting it ready to harvest the best garden, grow the best plants, and developed the thick grass yard that you want each year. 

When does the season to plant the seed of Christ in someone’s life start? Luckily for us, it is already started and never ends. The weather is always perfect during this season and there is never a frost. Throughout Jesus’s life on earth, he never stopped spreading God’s Word. He tried to sow the seed everywhere he went and never gave up. 

Sometimes in life, we get rejected by many when we invite them to attend worship with us. Recently, a friend from our home congregation informed us that he had been working on getting his neighbor and family to attend worship with them. He sowed the seed a while back and kept watering it until finally there was a little sprout. This little sprout occurred when the family agreed to attend worship a few Sundays ago. I know for a fact that he will continue to water this seed and we pray that the family is receptive of it. 

Rejection is normal and it will happen a lot. Continue to spread God’s Word with love. Simply reach out and invite someone to attend worship. If they say no, do not get mad but have an understanding that it may be uncomfortable for them. Keep inviting them with love. Maybe invite them to an event instead of worship. This will help them get to know people before they attend worship. 

Everyone has someone on their mind that they want to invite to Christ. This person may be one that attends elsewhere that may not be scripturally sound. It also may be someone who has fallen from Christ in the past and never has found their way back. It may even be someone who has never known Christ. In all of these situations, pray that these people will work their way to Christ and grow with Him. 

God is Good…

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