Final Destination

We are currently on our way to Tampa. Spring break is always a fun time of the year and luckily our kids get two weeks to enjoy themselves. Last night, we headed South for our long twelve-hour drive with the kids and the dog. We decided to split the trip up and stay halfway in a small town called Ozark, AL. 

On the way to our halfway checkpoint, we noticed there was a lot of cars on the road at the late hours that we were traveling. Cars from different states around the country. Many of the cars had some sort of luggage storage system on the top. I’m sure each were packed with everything they needed to enjoy the trip that they were heading on. 

The unique situation is that everyone had their own destination. Unless you knew the person driving another vehicle, you really didn’t know where that person was heading. Some could be headed to the beach, to Disney World, or even moving their home to a new location. This was on just one of the many routes that we could have taken to get to Tampa. The other routes, I’m sure, are filled with the same type of scenery and the same type of people heading to destinations across the south. 

In our Christian walk with Christ, we come across many people as well. We pass them in stores, on the road, and even at worship services. Some of these people are faithful members of the church while some are not. Like the vacationers, we don’t know what these people’s final destination will be in the end. We can only hope and pray that they are driving down the correct road to get them where they need to be going safely. 

Do you know people who are simply driving around, lost, without a knowledge of where they will end up? Are you one of these people who is on a road but you aren’t certain that it is the right road to get you to eternal life? We would love to be able to help you get back on the road to freedom! We would love to share our destination details with you.

God is Good… 

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