There’s room for everyone…

We all love visiting relatives! At least most of the people that I know do. Especially those who you have to travel a long way to see and you know that they love seeing you as well. 

Usually, the trip that you go on starts with a call to the family member. You talk about vacation plans and they offer up a place to stay, with them.

The conversation usually goes something like this. 

  • Family member: “You are coming to town! You can stay with us”
  • You: “No, we are fine… We can stay in a hotel”
  • Family member: “Why would you stay in a hotel? You can stay with us.”
  • You: “Really, we are fine. It would be too much for all of us to stay there”
  • Family member: “I insist, we have plenty of room”

The last statement is usually what gets you. “We have plenty of room”.  

We have a relative that offers His home to us all of the time. There is never a time in our life that the door is not opened and we are not welcomed. Every day is a day that we can come to Him, talk to Him, and spend time with Him. 

Our Father in Heaven has plenty of room for us. He is there preparing a place for each and every one of us right now. You know how much fun it can be when we get together with our family and friends at reunions!? Just imagine what it will be like when we get to Heaven and all of our family members are there with us. 

God has plenty of room for us but we have to be willing to come to visit Him. Are you overdue for a visit with Christ? We should be visiting Him daily, following His commands, so we can be a part of His family forever when the end of time comes. 

Today is Sunday. There are many brothers and sisters in Christ waiting for you to show up at worship. If you need to get your life right with Christ, please do so. Message me, email me, call me, or whatever you need to do so we can pray for you and help you get your life back with Christ. 

God is Good. 

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