Keeping your pool clean…

This week we have been enjoying the warm spring days of Brandon, FL. The very first day we were here the kids wanted to go swimming. It was nice to be able to go out to the pool and relax while the kids had fun playing in the pool. 

Sitting by the pool, I was thinking of all the different things that had been in the pool. Ladies with different types of lotions get in the pool, people with different types of hair products get in the pool, and no telling what all enter the pool because of the kids. Sometimes it can be gross to even think about. None of this stops people from swimming in the pool.

Why is it that we still choose to get in a pool that could potentially be contaminated? Well, we trust that the people that are in charge of the pool are treating it with the right chemicals to kill all of the bacteria. The chemicals, like chlorine, enter the water and help to fight the different types of contaminants that could be in the water. Filters are also in place around the pool that help keep the bugs and things out of the main parts of the water. The filter brings in the water and then redistributes it back out as clean water into the pool. 

As humans, we can be like a swimming pool as well. We live in a place where it is easy for things to enter our lives that can bring us down and destroy us mentally, physically, and spiritually. The world, over the past few decades, has made sin easily accessible to everyone and in turn, it makes it easier to enter our life. 

What happens when we let these sins enter our lives? What can do we do help prevent sin for overtaking our lives? 

Sin will always be a part of our life but it is very important that we keep it from dragging us down. Our spiritual life can be treated like a swimming pool. First, we need to attach a filter to our life. Try our best to keep things from entering our lives and hurting us. If something does come into our world that can damage us, we need to immediately push it out. 

We have the ability to add a decontaminate to our life such as chlorine. We have the tools to prevent destruction. Once we have Christ in our lives and the Bible as our manual, we will be more protected from the different types of things that will unexpectedly enter.  The Bible tells us what we can do to help prevent sin and as long as we have Christ, we have the ability to instantly cleanse our life when something does enter us. 

With God as our filtering system, we can rest assured that we will be on the right track to be with Him. We have to remember to keep Him turned on in our life because, like the pool, if we the filter is off, things can enter our life that can damage us and take longer for us to cleanse. 

If you are in need of a new filter, the one that you currently use is not working out for you and your life is filled with sin and destruction; there are families of believers that will pray for you. These brothers and sisters in Christ have the same goals; getting to Heaven and bringing others with them.

It is up to you. Are you in need of a new filter? 

God is Good. 

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