How come when people go on a trip that they believe they have to have something new? Something new that they can use on the trip. A lot of times they already had the item but they wanted to go get new ones anyways? 

For beach trips, it seems like it is swimsuits, sunglasses, shoes, or any other type of accessory to make the trip more fun. For our kids, this year, it was goggles. Goggles help them when they are in the water so they can see better and more clear. They provide protection from all of the stuff that may be floating in the water as well. When they are in the water, they wear them all of the time and have no fear of going underwater to explore. 

How often do you wear your spiritual goggles? Our spiritual goggles work the same way as the goggles that the kids wear swimming. They help us clearly see the world better and protect us from stuff that is in the world. As long as we look at life through what the Bible tells us, our spiritual goggles, then we will know what we should avoid from hurting our life. 

When was the last time you put on our spiritual goggles? Is it time for you to refresh your pair? Sometimes the goggles we have on can become old and corroded, especially if they are not used very much. The more we use them the longer they will last and the better protection we will have. 

God is good…

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