Disconnecting yourself….

How has God blessed you this week? 

Often times the week flies by and we don’t think of the ways that God has blessed us. We are tied up in our daily routines to take time to just sit back and enjoy what God had given us.

During the work week, we only think of about work. A lot of people come home and their focus is still on working. In our technological world, people tend to have issued disconnecting themselves from their work-life in order to spend time with their family. More importantly, Christ never crosses their mind and if He does, it is because of a routine dinner prayer that occurs. 

Sports season is here and the time has come to where many practices are occurring each week. The same happens in sports. The kids get out of school and its off to practice. A lot of times the mother goes one way with a child and the father goes another way, rarely spending the afternoon times with each other. Nightly devotionals and time with God, once again, is set aside. 

What we don’t realize is that God has blessed us with our jobs and the ability to play sports or to take our kids to sports. Without Him, allowing us to wake up, we would not have anything that we have. 

Disconnect yourself from your phone when you get off work. Take time to realize that your family is important and especially your relationship with Christ. 

I was one of those who use to come home and every time my phone would go off I would have to check it to see if it was work. It took me a few years to realize how it was not helping my relationship with Christ and my relationship with my family. I am on call every day of the year, even when I am on vacation, but I have learned how to manage both. When I get home, I do not check my work emails. If there is a major issue that needs my assistance, I wait for a phone call. This has helped me be able to disconnect from my work and enjoy my family. 

Back to the original question… How has God blessed you this week?  If you don’t know, disconnect yourself from all the worldly things and you will then realize how God has really blessed you.

God is Good…

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