Journey Home…

Today is our journey home. Spring break is over and it is back to reality on Monday morning. Vacations are always fun because you develop memories that will last a lifetime. We visited an aquarium, the zoo, Legoland, and also a WWII battleship. We hung out on the beach and admired the amazing artwork that God has built for us to enjoy. We lounged around the pool a couple of times. All of these things we did were memories for our family that we will remember for our lifetime. 

Like all vacations, the time to leave has arrived and we must begin our long journey home. It will be a 12 plus hour trip that we divide up over two days. It is a journey home that we don’t really want to make because of the fun we have had on our trip. When we do get home, we will be glad to be home. 

There is another journey home that we should be looking forward to. It’s a home that, once we get there, we will not be leaving. It is a happy place that is much more amazing than any place here on earth. Nothing compares to it. Once we get there, we will not want to leave and we will not have to leave. Doesn’t it sound amazing!

When our time on earth is done, we will be completing our journey home. Our home in Heaven with God will be waiting for us to occupy it. We need to be prepared for this journey home because we don’t know when it will actually happen. It could be today, tomorrow, or twenty years from now. We have to be ready because once that time comes there will be no other chances to join this journey. 

If you want to live joyfully after your time on earth is over, you need Christ. He is the only one that can let you in the gates of eternity. If you don’t have Christ and want to get to know Him, message me. We can pray for you and with you. We can introduce you to brothers and sisters in Christ who will accept you and guide you on the same journey we are on. YOU are the only one that can make that decision. 

God is Good…

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