Jesus Raises a widow’s son

Jesus was known to heal people in different scenarios. He healed them while they were in front of him and He healed them while they were in another location. Sometimes He touched them and other times He simply just spoke the healing. As Jesus continued to heal people, more and more people began to follow Him wherever He went to see what He would do next. 

Throughout the short life of Jesus, He was known for many things. Healing people appeared to be the most popular miracle but He did something even more amazing three different times. It is one thing to heal someone’s sickness but Jesus also raised people from the dead.

The first person that Jesus rose from the dead was the widow’s son in Luke 7. 

Jesus came to Nain where He came across a funeral procession of a widow’s son. Jewish tradition was to join a funeral procession when you came in contact with one. Not only did Jesus join the funeral attendees but all of those who were following Jesus did too. Usually, when a funeral occurs, the person has been dead for more than just a day. 

You have two different groups coming together at this time. One is the group of Jesus’s followers who are energetic and excited for what they have seen and experienced. The other group is a group of people who are mourning the loss of a loved one. The widow has already lost her husband and now she has lost her son. She was now alone. 

When Jesus approached the funeral, He shows immediate compassion towards the widow. He simply tells her to not weep. He continues to touch the coffin, maybe even grasping it and proceeds to tell the boy to arise. The boy did as Jesus told. 

This story shows the amazing power of God to be able to not only heal someone but heal someone who was dead. Even the dead listened to Him. 

Jesus also demonstrates how we should care for widows (James 1:27). 

What is even more amazing with this story is that Jesus not only rose the boy from the dead but He healed him from everything that was wrong with him that caused the death. If He would not have cured him of everything, the boy would have died again. 

Jesus has the power to heal us from any type of ailment we have. No matter what we are going through in our life, Jesus can help us get through it, learn from it, and be stronger because of it. He may not touch us or directly speak to us but He can still work his miracles to help us. Many people don’t believe that miracles still exist. It is unfortunate that they don’t because there are examples everywhere. If you take a few moments to scroll through Facebook or any other social media, you will see people overcoming illnesses that doctors can’t even explain why they are getting better. 

Currently, there is a prayer request for a little boy going around that is only a couple of years old. He has already stumped doctors because he was not expected to live. Now, he is in the hospital and a few days ago the family requested many prayers because of the young child’s current health state. They did not know what was going to happen. With the hundreds and hundreds of prayers, he is now getting better. That is the power of God. 

If we have faith in Christ, we can get through anything. Give it all to Him. If you are struggling with a sickness or anything else, don’t be afraid to ask people to pray for you. Don’t be afraid to simply put it all in God’s hands. We would love to pray for you as well so please let us know if we can help you in any way. 

God is Good.

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