Making Errors

Tonight we had our first baseball game of the year. We have been practicing for this night for the past few weeks and all of the kids were excited to be on the field playing. 

The first game of the year tends to be the one that we ‘work the kinks out’ during. We take what we learn from this game and apply it to each game after. Like most games with kids in the 8 to 12-year-old range, there were a lot of errors. These were basic fielding and throwing errors. An error is just a simple mistake. One thing we teach our kids after they make an error is the correct way that the play should have been completed. We don’t fuss at them and make them feel bad for what they did. We encourage them to take the mistake they made, learn from it, and also be able to help others who make the same mistake. 

Our Christian life works the same way. We know that none of us are perfect and we make errors in life all of the time. A lot of these are just simple mistakes that we knew better but may have forgot or had a lack of judgment. We go through life working hard to stay Christlike in our actions but we fail. We have the best coach around and He gives us instruction on how to avoid mistakes that we make. 

Many of us grew up with a past that we are not very fond of. We can’t change the past and we can’t go back and fix all of the mistakes that we have made. We can learn from them and each day that we live, we can continue to apply the solution to the mistakes to our daily walk. We can be an encouragement to others on our team. As Christians, we are all on the same team and we have the same goal. The goal is the championship of Life, our eternal reward in Heaven. 

Errors in baseball continue to occur even into the major leagues. The professional athletes have been practicing at the highest level for years and still make many mistakes in their careers. 

Christians can study the Bible daily and practice living a Christlike life but we will still make mistakes. Even as we grow older, the mistakes will still exist. 

Remember, God forgives us for our mistakes. We must go to God for forgiveness in order to receive it but He will forgive us if we truly repent of our sins. If you need forgiveness, reach out to Him now. If you aren’t on the team that is working to get to Heaven, we would love to have you join us. It is up to you to make the life-changing decision to live for God and live eternally with Him. 

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